Monthly Archives: March 2012

Hey folks,

After spending a week in Greensboro, NC with my technologically savvy pal, Molly McGinn,  I have decided to shake what modernity has given me and start my own blog.  Perhaps one day it will turn into a vlog.  A vlog where I will display my pogs as I sit betwixt a bog and a log.

But for now, I will use it to share music and updates with my mother, or any people who might be interested in what is going on in my world.

Over the last year, I have been busy at work on my latest CD with my friend, Ben Singer, helping me out every step of the way.  I have made numerous transitions, from playing lead guitar and singing in Amelia’s Mechanics, to filling in on bass for the David Mayfield Parade’s spring tour of North America.  Currently, I am back in my hometown of Elizabeth City, NC, working on more material and doing things that most 24 year old kids are doing these days:  scavenging and playing music.

On that note, may this post be the first of many!