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3 Songs on ITunes

Hey there,

I finally got around to putting a few songs on ITunes.  I recorded these nearly two years ago with Ben Singer and a few other talented Greensboro artists. Please check them out and let me know what you think.  More to follow.




Recording News, Amelia’s Mechanics Update

Salutations friends,

I hope that everyone is well and happy!  I’ve been as busy as a bee working on my upcoming album with Ben Singer.  Last week on my latest trip to Greensboro, Pat Lawrence of the Martha Bassett Band was kind enough to stop by and lay some bass down on the song that I just might make the single (despite the fact that it lacks a bridge.  unorthodox, I know, but who really likes bridges, anyhow?). The talented and brainy drummer,  Nicholas Victor Stott, also took the time to beat out some tunes and explore the new Whole Foods with us.  To top things off, my friend Sarah Schaffer contributed her smooth cello sounds. What a package!

Anyhow, Amelia’s Mechanics will be banding together again on May 18th for the Triad Health Project‘s benefit, which will be held at the newish Blind Tiger on Spring Garden.  I encourage you all to come out that night.  The last benefit was a huge success, and the money that was raised helped lots of people get access to important medications.

That’s all for now.  I’ll be in touch!


Hey folks,

After spending a week in Greensboro, NC with my technologically savvy pal, Molly McGinn,  I have decided to shake what modernity has given me and start my own blog.  Perhaps one day it will turn into a vlog.  A vlog where I will display my pogs as I sit betwixt a bog and a log.

But for now, I will use it to share music and updates with my mother, or any people who might be interested in what is going on in my world.

Over the last year, I have been busy at work on my latest CD with my friend, Ben Singer, helping me out every step of the way.  I have made numerous transitions, from playing lead guitar and singing in Amelia’s Mechanics, to filling in on bass for the David Mayfield Parade’s spring tour of North America.  Currently, I am back in my hometown of Elizabeth City, NC, working on more material and doing things that most 24 year old kids are doing these days:  scavenging and playing music.

On that note, may this post be the first of many!